A’Saffa introduces halal chicken to Qatar

A’Saffa, Oman’s leading poultry producer, is
introducing its famous and fabulous tasting chicken to Qatar – the
Gulf’s biggest per capita consumer of chicken and chicken products.

Already a firm favourite among the Omani population, A’Saffa is
building on Oman’s Gulf-wide reputation for ensuring quality produce of
all kinds and has launched a marketing blitz in the Qatari market.

supermarkets and other retail outlets across Doha and other Qatari
towns and cities, shoppers are getting the chance to sample the quality
and great natural taste of A’Saffa chicken as the company introduces
its range of frozen chicken and chicken parts to the country.

is the Gulf’s newest and most innovative chicken producer and is
committed to ensuring its chickens have the best natural feed,
conditions to grow on a state of the art facility in the south of Oman
with every bird slaughtered by hand according to the most stringent of
Halal processes.

Sidhartha Lenka, Head of Sales and Marketing, A’Saffa Poultry, says:

Qatari population is the biggest consumer of chicken in the Gulf region
and with their constant demand for taste and quality it is the ideal
time for A’Saffa to strengthen and grow our presence in the Qatari

“As a regional producer we are able to
ensure that our frozen chicken products can reach supermarkets and
co-ops in Qatar soon after we process our naturally fed and hand
slaughtered chickens at our state of the art farm at Thumrait in the
south of Oman.”

One of the key factors in the success of A’Saffa
since commencing operations has been their commitment to ensuring a
natural healthy product for its consumers by making sure that its
millions of chickens are fed the best natural feed.

“In food
production, the final product is only as good as the ingredients – and
the essential thing for tasty, natural chicken is what you feed the
chickens. We guarantee that all of our chickens on the farm are only
fed natural feed to ensure we deliver the best quality to our consumers
in Oman,” says Mr. Lenka

He explains that unlike some other
chicken producers, A’Saffa adds no water, steroids, reprocessed chicken
parts, hormones, colours or preservatives to its products that are now
renowned as Oman’s leading chicken brand and gaining significant
popularity across the region.

In a little over five years since
its inception, A’Saffa Poultry has become Oman’s most popular chicken
brand because of the company’s commitment to quality in every stage of
the production process, from the way the chickens are developed, the
quality of the pure and natural food they are given to the truly Halal
manner in which the chickens are finally slaughtered by hand at the
company’s state of the art farm facility in the south of the country.

chicken is also increasingly sought after internationally with a
significant amount of of production being exported to regional markets
including the
GCC and other countries.