Abu Dhabi Halal Forum endorces GCC stance on Halal standards

Key guidelines set for global halal industry
Sun, 23 Dec 2007 05:10 PM – Dubai Time

Delegates at the Global Halal and Islamic Business Forum have unanimously endorsed recommendations from the Gulf Standards Authority regarding global Halal industry guidelines.

A statement, read out by Mr. Khaled Al Zamoul from the Kuwait Municipality, confirmed that a committee will be formed to establish guidelines of the Muslim World League regarding Halal slaughter and food production.

In addition, it was recommended that centralised monitoring offices were set up around the world to work with recognized Islamic centres to conform to the Halal protocols for all foodstuffs to be imported into the GCC region.

The Forum, which ran alongside Halal World Expo in Abu Dhabi, was attended by international representatives such as Khalid Sharif Awadi from the Municipality of Dubai, the UAE Food Safety Consultant Dr. Amin Mohamed
Yousef and Dr Abdulla Ahmed Abdulla Ali from the Ministry of Health in Bahrain.

The responsibilities of the new committee will include the development and implementation of educational programmes for manufacturers on the approved guidelines for Halal slaughter and processing as well as a recommendation for a mandate to ban the sale of Haram foods, such as pork and alcohol, in all Muslim countries in the GCC.

The statement was applauded and endorsed by delegates at the Forum, which was chaired by Abdalhamid David Evans, Managing Director of Imarat Consultants, and a resolution was unanimously passed to recommend the statement to the GCC authorities.

“The Halal industry needs this kind of platform to discuss vital issues affecting businesses throughout the world,” said Abdalhamid David Evans.  “The discussions here will have a direct impact on the growth and direction of the global Halal industry.  What happens in the Middle East will have an immediate knock on effect to standards around the world.”

The Global Halal and Islamic Business Forum was organised by IIR Middle East and took place at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre.  Due to its success and delegate feedback, it is set to become an annual landmark event.  Halal World Expo will take place from 11-13 November 2008.  For more information, visit www.halalworldexpo.com.