Abu Dhabi Halal World Expo Declared Success

Halal World Expo Declared Success

Dubai , UAE – December 11, 2007
The success of Halal World Expo, held at the Abu Dhabi National
Exhibition Centre this week, predicts even greater growth for this fast
growing global industry sector.

GCC and UAE visitors came to the most comprehensive Halal exhibition,
organized by IIR Middle East, to learn about the latest Halal products
on the market, Shari’ah compliant foods, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals,
fashion and Islamic finance.

“The Halal food market currently accounts for as much as 12 per cent of
the global trade in food products,” said Christine Weaver, Exhibition
Director for Halal World Expo. “The Muslim population is projected to
constitute 30 per cent of the world’s population by 2025, meaning Halal
food could easily account for 20 per cent of world trade in food
products in the future.”

“Halal related businesses want to be a part of this growth, no matter
where they are from. Exhibiting at Halal World Expo meant they were
able to promote their products to the growing Halal-consuming
population,” Weaver continued.

Companies showcased new products, some for the first time in the UAE
and the Middle East, such as ‘NONIONS’, supplied by All Needs General
Trading LLC, a UAE based importer/ exporter.

Ashwin Ruchani, Director of All Needs General Trading commented: “We
took advantage of Halal World Expo to meet new colleagues in the
industry and to educate them about the advantages, quality and
convenience of ‘NONIONS’, a sautéed onion pulpy paste which is ready to
use and stores and cooks easily.”

“This was a great opportunity to show representatives from
supermarkets, caterers, and restaurants our new Halal approved
‘NONIONS’ product. Soon to follow are our sweet corn, blended sauces
and pastes that we are planning to launch in 2008-09,” Ruchani
continued. “Halal 2007 has been a great stage for showcasing to the

Other products and services at the exhibition included UK-based Tahira
Halal foods which displayed a diverse range of goods from frozen spring
rolls to sardines, and UAE company, The Halal Exchange, providing
international trade software which simplifies global trade for the
Halal marketplace.

Halal World Expo also featured Shari’ah compliant fashion, cosmetics
and healthcare products, as the demand for Halal certified items
continues to grow in the UAE. The exhibition also focuses on the
Islamic finance sector, which is currently worth between US$200 and
$500 billion annually and continues to be a consistently growing
interest for financial markets across the world.

The Global Halal and Islamic Business Forum, which ran alongside the
Halal World Expo in Abu Dhabi, held a post-forum workshop on the last
day, addressing in detail the challenges, issues and trends when
marketing Halal and Islamic products in Muslim and non-Muslim

The exhibition is set to become an annual landmark event opening the
gateway for the Middle East market to the international Halal industry.