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If you want to reach key stakeholders, decision makers and consumers in the Halal marketplace, then HalalFocus offers the best platform online, with very reasonable rates.

HalalFocus has been built up over a decade of active Halal market engagement by dedicated Halal sector specialists at Imarat Consultants. It contains a searchable archive of over 5,500 articles, organised into 60 categories by sector and geography, enabling readers and researchers to see market growth and trends, and also stay in tune with the latest developments.

With around 0ver 9 million page views a year, and steady organic growth, HalalFocus is the highest rated and most widely-read site for serious Halal market news, commentary and analysis.

With advertising rates starting at as little as 40p  per 1,000 page views, an ad on HalalFocus is probably the most effective way to reach Halal sector consumers, business owners and policymakers.

For advertising queries, please download our Media Kit, or send an email requesting more details, special offers, media partnerships and more.

HalalFocus is run by Abdalhamid and Salama Evans, dedicated Halal sector specialists who have been involved in the growth and development of the global market since 2002.

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