Imarat Consultants was a specialist business consultancy that had a dedicated field of focus on the Global Halal market. They recognised and anticipated the rapid rise in interest in this field, an(Imarat Consultants) d dedicated themselves to developing specific expertise in this niche business sector.

Through their network of contacts spanning governments, industry stakeholders, NGO’s and Islamic agencies, Imarat Consultants built up a unique, dynamically evolving picture of the Halal market globally.

Starting in 2003, Imarat Consultants, then based in Kuala Lumpur, developed strong connections with Halal industry leaders throughout South East Asia, (Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand, and the Philippines) Australia, the United Arab Emirates, UK, Europe, South Africa, the USA and Canada.

Through in-depth consultations and discussions with representatives from Governments Ministries handling religious affairs, agriculture, international and domestic trade, entrepreneur development, SME development, health and veterinary services as well as standards development and education; they were able to assist these countries to diversify and find their place in the Halal Industry sector.

Imarat Consultants started the online B2B news site in 2007 and Salama Evans, Managing Editor, HalalFocus, has continued updating it daily for the past 12 years. She will continue to do so to keep readers up to date with the ongoing developments within the Halal community after the passing of her husband Abdalhamid Evans in June 2018. She can be contacted on: