Alchemiya – Our Reason for Being

By Navid Akhtar, Founder and CEO

The driving force behind Alchemiya is our love of global Islamic culture, art, music, design, food, and we want to share that with as many people as we can.

This culture has produced some of the most iconic objects in the world: the Taj Mahal, Persian carpets, Uzbek embroidery, Arabic Calligraphy. These buildings, objects and ideas illustrate the high points of Muslim creative expression and are valued by everyone.

They also inspired us to define values for Alchemiya that encapsulate the intention behind them, to be productive, peaceful, creative and to strive for excellence.

Our purpose is “To offer inspirational content that reflects the rich culture of the Muslim world”. Alchemiya exists in the digital world, with no physical presence but behind it lies the same intentions that created these beautiful objects. We approach our work with the same care and hope for the same result…to lift the human soul and fill it with joy.

We believe that this cultural tradition has the ability to inspire and transform the way people perceive and experience Islam. A beautiful mosque, intricate mosaic tile work and exquisite embroidery can transform the way that we understand the society and people that produced it.

We believe that Alchemiya can amplify this transformation. Our goal is to create peace and understanding in the world, through the content we produce and share on Alchemiya…Content that validates a peaceful, productive and creative expression of Islam.