Searches for Mastercard explode 1,300% after rival Visa dropped by Amazon

 Analysis of Google search data reveals that online searches for Visa’s rival Mastercard exploded 1,300% on the 17th November in the UK, the day when Amazon announced it would no longer accept Visa credit cards from January 2022, due to the rising costs of working with Visa. 

A new finding by reveals that online interest in ‘Mastercard’ exploded to 16 times the average volume in one day, an unprecedented spike in interest Mastercard, according to Google search data analysis. 

The data also revealed that searches for ‘cancel Visa’ skyrocketed to over 700% on the 17th November – 9 times the average volume in one day. 

A spokesperson commented on the findings:

“Amazon is the ultimate player in the online retail industry, and as a significant percentage of the UK rely on Amazon deliveries to meet their shopping needs, news of the company no longer accepting Visa cards will have a significant impact on Visa users. The sudden spike in searches for Visa alternatives such as Mastercard on the day of the announcement shows just how vital online shopping is to our lives today. Losing business with a digital retail giant such as Amazon could be very damaging to Visa, and hopes may well be high within the organisation that they can reinstate a working relationship with Amazon”