American-Muslim Consumer Conference (AMCC) Focuses on Marketing to Muslims, a Growing and Affluent but Often Overlooked Niche

The first annual American Muslim Consumer Conference (AMCC) will take place on Saturday, October 31st, 2009 in New Brunswick, NJ. Researchers, entrepreneurs, marketing and advertising executives from corporate America
will convene to discuss and explore the rapidly growing and untapped
American-Muslim Consumer: scope, trends and opportunities.

consumers are estimated at 6-8 million with an annual spending in
excess of $170Bln. This conference will provide American businesses and
executives with useful insights, information and opportunities on how
to access and attract the American-Muslim market.

are not addressing the needs of Muslims. “Muslims want to be
acknowledged in mainstream media. You don’t need to change your product
or show Muslims in your ads. Instead, consider advertising in a Muslim
media outlet. Say Eid Mubarak or Ramadan
Kareem during the holidays. The Muslim community will respond. When we
see an ad we like we send it to our friends and share it with each
other,” said Mohammed Abdullah, director of the event.

Entrepreneur Magazine
said American Muslims have the buying power roughly equal to the state
of Indiana. However, “reaching them requires an understanding of their
culture, beliefs and preferences. Muslims are more interested than most
Americans in seeing advertising that acknowledges them,” it says.
Muslims are a neglected market with huge potential for brands who are
willing to connect with them online and offline.

“According to an article in Advertising Age,
‘In the coming years, the U.S. market will likely begin to recognize
and court the $170 billion purchasing power of American Muslims.”

AMCC Objectives:

To promote the American Muslim Market as an affluent, vast and untapped market segment.

To understand the American Muslim market: scope, trend and opportunities and ways to effectively market products and services.

Networking opportunity for companies owned and operated by American-Muslims, and American-Muslim readyproducts/companies, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and others to collaborate and exchange resources and ideas.

Who will attend?

Companies which cater or who are interested in reaching the American-Muslim market.

Researchers and executives looking to learn about the American-Muslin market.

Confirmed Speakers and Participants * * *

Michael Hastings-Black (Co-Founder, Desedo, Advertising agency)

Paul Barret (Assistant Managing Editor, BusinessWeek; Author, “American Islam”)

Carla Power (Journalist, TIME Magazine)

Rasheed Ahmed (Founder, Muslim Consumer Group)

Adnan Durrani (Chief Halal Officer, American Halal Co.)

Monem Salam (President and CEO, Saturna Brokerage Services)

Ahmad Adam (President, Crescent Foods)

Bob Burg (Co-Author of Wall Street Journal and BusinessWeek best seller, The Go-Giver)

Farrukh Siddiqui (EVP and COO, Zayan Finance)

Shahed Amanullah (Founder, Halalfire Media)

Tayyibah Taylor- (Founder and Publisher, Azizah Magazine)

Mohamed El-Fatatry (CEO,

Janet Meiners Thaeler (Online PR and Social Media specialist)

Midhat Syed (Partner, Murtha Cullina)

Rafi-uddin Shikoh (Founder,

Kamran Pasha (Hollywood Screenwriter and Director)

Lubna Khalid (CEO, Real Cosmetics)

* * * Subject to change

About the American Muslim Consumer Conference

The American Muslim Consumer Conference is being organized by a social media site to connect Muslim professionals, businesses and organizations. Muxlim is an exclusive premier sponsor.

partners include members of the Muslim community: Muxlim, American
Muslim Mom , DinarStandard, American Halal Association and Muslim news
site HalalFocus.

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