Another outlet for meat in Fiji

The Muslim community can now buy meat from the Fiji
Meat Industry Board’s Nasinu abattoir after the facility received its
halal accreditation this week.

The Fiji Muslim League
confirmed the FMIB was halal-certified to slaughter cattle, goat and
sheep according to Islamic Shari’ah the teachings of Islam.

significance of having halal accreditation is to make the animals’ meat
halal acceptable for consumption by Muslims. If it is not slaughtered
in accordance to the shari’ah, it becomes haram – not acceptable for
consumption by Muslims,” FML said.

“Having the halal
accreditation gives Muslims the satisfaction that the meat they eat is
acceptable and this recent accreditation is welcomed by the Muslim

The league said arrangements had also been made for the slaughter of qurbani animals at the abattoir tomorrow.

companies which have halal accreditation include Crest for its chicken
and chicken portions, Rooster Poultry for its chicken and chicken
portions, and Imam’s Halal Meat.

Food products from companies
which have halal accreditation include Goodman Fielder International
(Fiji) Ltd, Nestle (Fiji) Ltd, Flour Mills of Fiji Ltd, Coca Cola
Amatil (Fiji) Ltd, and Rewa Dairy products.

Colgate products and Promise toothpaste are also included on the halal accreditation list.

Dins Bread Shop located in Nasinu and McDonald’s restaurants also have halal accreditation.

The league said it was yet to certify any brand of chicken or lamb sausages sold locally.

the consumption of chicken and lamb sausages retailed with the word
halal locally is entirely at the member’s discretion in view of the
fact that it is not halal certified by Fiji Muslim League,” it said.