Are airline meals labeled Muslim Meals really Halal?

MOML caution!

Consumers have been cheated due to economical reason?

On flights to the Islamic countries, Muslims are often the absolute majority of Passengers. The business of airline companies is booming not only in the Summer months, when Muslims with their large families in their home countries fly, but also during the Hajj season. As a target group that fly to the south and east to fill much sought after, we wondered how it looks like the onboard service for these customers?

According to information provided by IATA, the International Air Transport Association, there are no such rules as a “Muslim-friendly” look-flight meal, but each airline determines arbitrarily what they served their Muslim customers. This would be unobjectionable if the appropriate experts available in the employee pool would be sufficient among the airlines or the availability knowledge of Halal requirements for general education in Europe. But this is not so.

In reality, the airline caterer, supplier of on-board meals, in Europe simply overwhelmed them. So there are many caterers for the Muslim passengers are offering two different types of meal: the MOML – “Moslem Meal” and a “Halal Meal”.

The MOML – “Muslim Meal” is just a meal “without pork and without Alcohol “(In the jargon Airline Caterer term it is called a “Non-Pork”-Meal). Everything else does not meet the Islamic dietary laws. It is also not the laid down claim that the meat would be Halal slaughtered or the ingredients are Halal-compliant.

But the “Halal Meal”, instead is something “more halal” because the ingredients are purchased and processed so that they are Islam-compliant. This is true especially for the meat with halal confirmation.

Anyone familiar with the intricacies of the assessment of halal, knows that the buyers from the caterer should be overwhelmed with the appropriate ingredients to find for a Halal Meal, because on the local market do have only a few food ingredients and a Halal Certificate from a recognized Certification Authority or Halal Body.

According to information from the airline caterer, there are purely economic reasons, instead of “Halal Meals” is usually the cheaper to offer MOML “Muslim Meal”(Non Pork meal).

That with the (false) labeling MOML “Muslim Meal” for their Muslim Passengers and cheated or deceived halal meals are served to them, neither halal nor Islam is justifiable by these companies tacitly to accept it and claim the main component is true halal. As the claim of the airlines  companies agree to open-mindedness and customer orientation with the practice, their Muslim passengers are not been informed about what they are served and what will get to be seen.

As proven, that it can be handled in different manner without any negative impact on revenue and have real Halal service as demonstrated by the good example of Malaysia Airlines. This airline ordered in their contract from designated caterers throughout the year a specially compiled “Halal Meal “which are produced according to the strict Malaysian Airline Halal standards and is guaranteed to Islam-compliant.