Are Lunchers Finally Getting the Message About the Halal Carts on 53rd & 6th?


53rd St. & 6th Ave at 12:30pm; SW Corner/Imposter (On Left), SE Corner/Real Deal (On Right)

In all my years of Midtown Lunch’ing this is the first day that I’ve
seen the lunchtime line for the halal cart on the SE corner of 53rd
& 6th rival that of the “imposter” cart on the SW corner of 53rd
& 6th.  As any longtime reader of Midtown Lunch knows, the cart on
the SW corner of 53rd & 6th during the day is not related in any
way to the famous Halal cart that is parked there at night.  In fact,
if you want the famous halal during the day you have to go to the SE
corner of 53rd & 6th or the SW corner of 53rd & 7th.  Best way
to tell if you are at the right cart… look for the yellow bags with the
famous halal guy logo on them. It’s good to see that folks are finally
getting the message.  Whatever you do, though, don’t OD on the stuff.