Australia-MLA Halal accredited brand.


The global expansion of the MLA’s Halal Brand, is an important step
towards expanding markets for Australian red meat, according to Ian
Ross the Middle East regional manager for the MLA.

Ross said “with 28% of the worlds population being Moslem and with most
of these people living in countries with growing economies, its vital
the Australian red meat industry positions itself in the best possible
way to supply these important markets”.The world has over 2 billion
Moslems and the market for Halal products, exceeds US$500 billion.

The major problems in getting Moslem nations to take meat, as opposed
to live animals are two fold, one they prefer fresh meat and secondly
mistrust of the Halal slaughter procedures, in countries such as
Australia and the South American countries.The Australian MLA brand for
certified Halal meat, goes a long way towards removing half of the

In Argentina, the Council of Mosques organizes all the Halal slaughter,
through a private company, that provides the service at the meat plants .

Palermo Buenos Aires, boasts the largest Mosque in the whole of the America’s north and south.