Azerbaijan to set new food safety standards

Azerbaijan is to introduce a national standard for durable life (best before) dates on food.

The chairman of the State Committee for Standardization, Metrology and Patents, Ramiz Hasanov, told journalists that work on the durable life standard would be finalized this month.

“We conduct daily inspections of the quality of food and other goods, but it is difficult to control the quality of imported goods,” Hasanov said.

He said that Azerbaijan had not yet introduced a standard for halal food, food deemed permissible under Islamic law.

“We have approached all Muslim countries, but there are some problems. The halal mark on any food is just a mark and has no significance,” Hasanov said.

He said that quality problems had arisen with bakeries and sanctions were imposed on more than 100 bakeries last year.

Hasanov said a great deal of work had been done to coordinate Azerbaijani and European standards. “We are trying to have our standards recognized in Europe. There is a presidential order on this issue. We adopted 162 standards last year. Azerbaijan exports jams and juice to Europe now.”