Bangkok Global Halal Conference 2008

The Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, through the Department of
Livestock Development and the National Bureau of Agricultural Commodity
and Food Standards, in cooperation with the Association of Producers
and Exporters of Thai Halal Products, the Islamic Bank of Thailand, the
Institute for Halal Food Standard of Thailand, the Central Islamic
Committee of Thailand, the Center for the Provincial Administrative
Organization of the Three Southern Border Provinces, and the Office for
Tourism Development, organized the Bangkok Global Halal Conference 2008
on 20 November 2008 at the United Nations Building in Bangkok.

The one-day event was meant to provide a forum for the exchange of
information on the certification of halal food standards and halal
businesses, bringing them up to international standards.

The conference was inaugurated by Deputy Prime Minister Olarn
Chaipravat, with a keynote address by ASEAN Secretary-General Dr. Surin
Pitsuwan, on “From Islamic Finance to Halal Products.” Moreover, a
seminar was held on “Helal Certification and Cooperation,” “Halal
Business and Islamic Finance,” and “Current Halal Research,” joined by
representatives from various countries such as Australia, Germany,
Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Thailand, and the United States, as
well as administrators from the World Halal Council (WHC).

At the conference, representatives came from certification agencies
from various countries, no less than 70 from 40 countries around the
world, including government agencies and related private organizations
in Thailand, over 300 in number. Exhibitions were also put up by
agencies and business operators involved, with a reception held to
create international trade networks.

Apart from the Bangkok Global Halal Conference 2008, Thailand also
hosts the conference of the World Halal Council (WHC) during 21-22
November 2008, at the Century Park Hotel in Bangkok.

The value of the global halal food market is estimated to range from
US0 billion to US0 billion a year. The scope of the halal market is
vast and the market is huge. For example, there are two million Muslims
in the United Kingdom, but there are six million consumers of halal