Bird Flu stories cost poultry industry billions in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Poultry Association (PPA) Monday said the poultry business suffered billions of rupees loss on account of panic in consumers caused by, what he called, a propaganda of Bird Flu.
Chairman PPA Abdul Basit said: “The Bird Flu propaganda is a well thought out conspiracy due to which the poultry industry has been pushed to the verge of collapse.”
He said the livelihood of the people associated with the poultry industry has become insecure as a result of the disease which, he maintained, is found in birds and which can ‘hardly pose’ any real threat to the people.
“In our country the chicken meat is cooked at a heat of 120 degrees, eliminating the possibility of presence of the virus, if any,” he argued.
He called appealed to the government to save the poultry industry in which, he pointed out, a huge investment of Rs 200 billion has been made.
The bird flu vaccine should also be provided to the poultry farmer at subsidized rates, he said.?