Blunder as wrong East Lancashire KFC listed on halal guide

Blunder as wrong East Lancashire KFC listed on halal guide

11:20am Sunday 13th December 2009

By Shuiab Khan

THE wrong East Lancashire KFC restaurant was listed on a halal food guide website.

The mix-up, on the website, directed customers to the
Colne Road branch of KFC restaurant in Burnley when in fact the only
halal branch of the chain is in North Valley Road, Colne.

The website, which lists food outlets that are accredited by the
Halal Food Authority, is used by Muslims across the world and claims to
be the world’s largest facility of its kind.

The halal branch in Colne is part of a nationwide trial involving over 20 branches.

Islam has laws regarding which foods can and cannot be eaten and
also on the proper method of slaughtering an animal for consumption,
with permissible food known as halal.

A spokesperson for KFC said: “We would like to clarify that our
North Valley Road restaurant in Colne is currently our only
halal-accredited restaurant in the area.

“We expanded our trial to Lancashire due to local demand, and we’re pleased with how it’s progressing so far.

“It’s part of a wider trial across the UK, and we will study the
results to find out whether our customers want us to expand the trial

“We have contacted to ask them to change the information on their website.

“Customers can check if they have any other queries about our halal trial.”

One man who did not wish to be named said: “We went to the Burnley
KFC and it was only another non-Muslim customer who notified us.”

The KFC statement added: “Feedback from consumers has indicated that there is significant demand for halal food from KFC.

“Our halal chicken has been accredited by the Halal Food Authority,
one of the most widely recognised bodies in the UK and overseas.

“It allows the use of a technique called ‘stun-to-stun’ – a pain
free process that makes the animal insensible to pain and suffering.

“A verse is also recited from the Quran at the point of slaughter
by an appropriate person and the poultry will not come into contact
with non-halal meat at any point in the supply chain.”

The manager of the Burnley branch, Jonathan Monahan said:
“Strangely enough we are going halal in the second week of January

“Customers need to know that when we do there will be a sign going on the door stating that this KFC is serving halal food.

“We will be the only other halal KFC in the county.”

No-one at was available for comment.