Bosnia aiming to become the center of European halal business

“Food manufacturers in the Halal segment are large European companies that export their products to Indonesia, Malaysia and other Muslim countries. We intend to recruit large
European manufacturers to move their production, warehousing and
logistics to our planned Halal hubs in Bosnia. On the other hand we are
also working with companies from Muslim world that ship their goods to
Europe to use the same hubs for that. Our goal is to become the center
of halal business in Europe” – explains Salki?.

The project for a halal hub in the town of Gra?anica is already finished,
and there are several other possible sites for the rest of the planned
hubs. The organization “Halal Europe“, that
Salki? is leading, is going to work on the halal awareness in all of Europe in the coming period.

Arrangements in Malaysia next week

A delegation consisting of several Bosnian businessmen, representatives
of foreign chambers and the Agency for halal certification from Tuzla
will be attending the World Halal Forum, which will be held in Kuala Lumpur
at 4th and 5th May.

agency will, most probably, sign a protocol on the construction of
laboratories for testing of halal products, and probably an additional
one about establishing of halal Academy. The business community of
Malaysia will sign the protocol regarding the possibility of building
halal hubs in Bosnia” – Salki? says.