We are pleased to announce the upcoming 2nd European Halal Congress, a prestigious event organized by the Agency for Halal Quality Certification, in cooperation with valued partners. This important gathering is scheduled for May 28-29, 2024 at the Hills Hotel in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. We are proud to organize this event together with the halal certification body Halal Control GmbH from Germany, the Faculty of Islamic Studies, University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Technology, University of Tuzla, Association for Nutrition and Dietetics “Food for Health” with the invaluable support of the Institute for Standards and Metrology of Organization of Islamic Cooperation (SMIIC/OIC).

At the initial session of the Organizing Committee of the Congress of Halal Quality, this event was renamed to the European Halal Congress.

The European Halal Congress is the central gathering of the halal industry in Europe. The congress aims to gather and unite experts from the global halal industry, encouraging the exchange of knowledge and best practices in the production and processing of halal products worldwide. This event stands out for its scientific and social impact, showcasing a wide range of scientific, professional and practical achievements in the halal sector, including production, processing, quality standardization and innovation in this field. Through the dissemination of knowledge and experiences related to halal quality and industrial practice, the Congress strives to advance the development of halal quality standards both domestically and internationally.

Publications of the Book of Abstracts and Papers and the third edition of a scientific-professional magazine in the field of the halal industry called the Journal of Halal Quality and Certification give special value to the Congress.