Bosnia: Four Halal Certificates to the BH Companies

Halal Certificates for BH Companies oslobodjenje.baWithin the Days of Halal 2015 held in Sarajevo and organized by the Agency for Halal Quality Certification in B&H, it was pointed out to the importance of this industry branch, as well as to the presence of BH halal industry on domestic markets and broader.

Moreover, this was also an occasion or awarding halal certificates to the BH companies, including three for newly certified companies in B&H ZIM Zenica, Mostarlic Hadzici, Beslic Ltd. Visoko, while Vispak received special recognition as the first company with halal certificate in B&H, which this company received ten years ago.

Director of the Agency for Halal Quality Certification in B&H Amir Sakic said BH industry counts 68 members as of yesterday, and it confirms the trend of steady growth.

Sakic reminded that B&H is the first country at the European soil which established a functional halal certification system, such that is in accordance with national legislature and compatible with international standards.

“Halal certified products from B&H are already being distributed around the world, and halal certificate of our Agency gained trust of leading institutions in halal field in the world. In cooperation with relevant institutions, the Agency participates in the work of the Institute for Standardization and Metrology of Islamic Countries and CEN European Institute for Standardization. This way, we are enabled to stream all our knowledge and experience into new standards”, said Sakic, hoping that the realization of 1.5 billion BAM and 663 tons of halal certified food products in 2014 will be significantly surpassed by the end of the year.

Sakic noted that, with its employees and a network of 60 highly professional associates, the Agency educated over 1.300 representatives of companies and implemented halal standard in 137 companies throughout the region.

Reis-ul-Ulema of the Islamic Community in B&H Husein ef- Kavazovic said that halal is a way of living for Muslims, and that it is not any kind of prestige.

“That is a way of living for Muslims everywhere in the world, they consume food in the same way, prepare it and use it in the same way, and that is very important for us”, Kavazovic said, pointing out that halal certified products from B&H are being distributed around the world, and that the certificate of the Agency for Certification gained trust of leading institutions in the field of halal in the world.

(Source: photo oslobodjenje)