Brazil: $6.5m worth of orders for Brazilian food products signed by Arab importers

Arab importers booked $6.5m worth of Brazilian food products during a recently concluded matchmaking event for food companies at the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce offices in São Paulo, Brazil.

The event also generated over $44m in contracts spread over the next 12 months, according to the Arab Brazilian Chamber and the Brazilian Export and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex), which organized the matchmaking and roundtable events.

“We had very positive results in the areas of beef and chicken products,” said Michel Alaby, CEO of the Arab Brazilian Chamber.

He added “It was one of the most successful events we have had, and the partnership with Apex was crucial for the success of the project.”

Alaby further said that they received positive feedback from the Arab and Brazilian companies that took part in the event.

“The Arab delegates said that it was a very important visit that allowed them to learn more about Brazilian companies. Likewise their Brazilian counterparts found the roundtable discussions extremely fruitful,” he said.

Majority of the deals signed at the matchmaking event covered chicken, beef and fruit products.

Alaby also stated that Brazilian companies should invest more in the production of halal products.
“The Arab importers were seeking halal-certified chocolate, sweets and food products.This represents a huge potential as currently they buy these products from Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore,” he said. 

Halal certification attests that the product complies with Islamic principles and does not contain substances that are unfit for consumption by Muslims.

The event was attended by 10 importers from the UAE, Kuwait and Jordan. On the Brazilian side, there were over 60 food companies that showcased their food products. Apart from conducting business meetings with Brazilian exporters, the visiting delegation also toured various food manufacturing facilities in Brazil.