Brazil – 300 companies certified Halal

300 Brazilian companies have already received halal certification,
guaranteeing that their products may be consumed in Muslim companies
reports The Brazil-Arab News Agency.


certification guarantees that food is produced according to the
regulations of Islamic law and so is allowed for consumption by around
1.3 billion Muslims worldside.


       “Ninety per cent of
Brazilian companies are currently getting ready to receive halal
certification,” Ali Saifi, Vice President of the Centre for Promotion
of Islam to Latin America (CDIAL) told The Brazil-Arab News Agency.


     CDIAL is one of the institutions that certifies slaughterhouses
for halal slaughter of beef and poultry. According to the Federation of
Muslim Associations of Brazil (Fambras), Brazilian companies are
conscious of the importance of halal, not questioning the demands
necessary for certification. They always show interest in adapting,
when it is necessary, understanding that getting halal certification,
far from being a hardship, is an addition to quality and excellence.