Brazil: Webinar to delve into Halal market opportunities

‘Global Halal Market: trends, regulation and opportunities’ will be hosted on June 10 by the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, on which occasion it will enter into a memorandum of understanding with the Dubai Airport Free Zone.

Thais Sousa – ANBA

São Paulo – An Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce webinar will address the diversity of the halal products and services market around the globe. “Global Halal Market: trends, regulation and opportunities” is taking place on June 10 at 9:30 am (Brazil time) 3:30 pm (Saudi Arabia time). The panel will go into the benefits of halal certification as added brand value, featuring Brazilian and international speakers. Simultaneous translation into Portuguese and English will be available.

The speakers will be Prime Group cofounder and managing partner Mohamed M. Saleh Badri; Halal Trade and Marketing Centre (HTMC) manager Tomas Guerrero; Jordanian Society for Organic Farming (JSOF) secretary Ibrahim Abu- Helil; and Arab chamber president Rubens Hannun, administrative vice president Mohamad Orra Mourad, and secretary-general Tamer Mansour.

Also featured will be CDIAL Halal president Ali Saifi, Fambras Halal president Mohamed Zohgbi, Alimentos Halal commercial director Nasser Khazraji, and Siil Halal executive director Chaiboun Darwiche.

Industries in discussion will include halal tourism services, cosmetics (pictured) and pharmaceuticals. “Our goal is to convey to Brazilian businesses the potential of the halal market. To showcase all things halal, and not just protein-oriented companies and products. We will give an overview of the international market, from the perspective of sector diversification, and we and our certifying members will discuss what they expect from businesses so they can attain maturity within the global market and secure new deals in halal,” said Tamer Mansour.

During the webinar, the Arab Chamber and the Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZA) will enter into a memorandum of understanding, to be signed by Chamber president Rubens Hannun and DAFZA director-general Amna Lootah.

Apart from trends in the global halal market, the webinar will provide information on different countries’ rules and regulations, the future of conformity, the reliability of international organizations in global trade, post-pandemic challenges, and alternatives for new deals.

Quick facts

Webinar – Global Halal Market: trends, regulation and opportunities
June 10, 9:30 am-11:30 am
Simultaneous translation into English and Portuguese
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Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum