Brazilian Halal Beef exports On the Rise

Brazil – Halal beef for Gulf countries

08 Dec 2009

Bovine meat exports from the Brazilian state, Mato Grosso, to the
Middle East in October grew 41 per cent in comparison with September.
Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Dubai, Qatar, Bahrain and Lebanon were the leading

rate is equivalent to the sale of 986,000 kilograms more beef to the
Arab countries, according to the Brazil Arab News Agency.

Carlos Meister, cattle breeding consultant to the Agriculture and
Cattle Breeding Federation of the State of Mato Grosso (Femato),
believes that this expansion was driven by government purchases from
Arab countries in order to replenish inventories. From January to
October this year, bovine meat sales to the Middle East totalled US$
62.11 million.

In comparison with September, Mr Meister underscored
that during part of the month, the Arab countries were observing the
Ramadan fast, which naturally led to a decrease in the region’s beef

The Femato consultant also informed that, from January to
September 2009, Mato Grosso exported 133,000 tonnes of beef to the
Middle East, 35.5 per cent less than in the same period of 2008.
According to Mr Meister, beef exports were harmed by the crisis, but he
believes that the recovery that took place in October should be

Mr Meister said that the Middle East is an important
market for Mato Grosso, due to the fact that it “is a large consumer
market, [it buys] large volumes and has high purchasing power.”