Bringing fresh perspective to global Halal market

Bringing fresh perspective to global Halal market

By Narissa Noor

Dato Paduka Haji Hamdillah, Deputy Minister of Industry and Primary
Resources with the directors of Imarat Consultants and senior officers
of MIPR at the recent contract signing ceremony.

A two-day International Halal Market Conference, with the visionary theme ‘The Emergence of the Halal
Market Economy’, will be held on August 16 at the International Convention Centre. Held in conjunction with
the 3rd International Halal Products Expo (August 14-18), it is set to bring a fresh perspective to the global
Halal market.

As more related industry stakeholders are realising the importance of the maturing halal market, the industry
has already diversified into Islamic finance, eco-tourism, logistics, pharmaceuticals, software development
and scientific research, joining the huge market for food and personal care products.

With these new developments, Brunei’s focus on the emerging Halal Market Economy is vital in bringing a
new integrated perspective to the market; a holistic approach that will carry a new level of understanding for
public and private sector decision-makers as to how the market is likely to develop.

The areas of common interest and interaction between the related market sub-sectors is now being
recognised as the new growth areas in the Halal market.

As an indication of their commitment to developing their own position in the global Halal scene, Brunei
Darussalam has engaged Halal market specialists Imarat Consultants Sdn Bhd to assist the Ministry of
Industry and Primary Resources with this year’s conference.

With experience in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and North America, Imarat Consultants has a
growing reputation as industry leaders in Halal market intelligence and strategy development.

Brunei’s moves to diversify their economy away from over-dependence on oil and gas has led to increased
development of their own Islamic Finance, Halal industry and Eco-tourism sectors.

As a Malay Islamic Monarchy that is developing its own economy along Syariah-compliant lines, Brunei
Darussalam is well placed to be hosting the first conference to examine the subject of the Halal Market
Economy and the role that this new market paradigm will play in the coming years.