Brunei: Brunei Halal launches 23 new easy-to-prepare products

Brunei Halal

By Debbie Too, Brunei Times

THE Brunei Halal brand, owned by Brunei Wafirah Holdings, has released 23 new products that complement its range of light snacks and beverages.

Brunei Halal now carries convenient, microwavable meals that target people on the go in the United Kingdom, the company said.

According to a statement from the company, the new products will consist of Brunei Halal-labelled microwavable rice, cooking sauce and other on-the-go products.

“The products have already hit the shelves and are available at major supermarkets in the country,” the release said.

Melline Jaini, brand marketing executive of Brunei Halal, explained that the new meal range is essentially meant for the United Kingdom and European markets but added that the group was confident that these would be well-received in Brunei as well.

“We wanted to try and introduce the same things here in Brunei,” she said, adding that the sultanate should be seeing more of the brand in the coming months.

With the addition of the new food range, Brunei Halal now has over 50 products under its name.

Brunei Halal will also be introducing a sub-brand called ‘Dishes of India’, the company said.

The statement quoted chief executive officer Feby Latip as saying that the brand was committed to being a halal solutions provider to the world, and that this was the direction the company was taking.

The company currently distributes products via Brunei Wafirah UK, a subsidiary office of Brunei Wafirah Holdings. It was formed by the government of Brunei in 2011.

Brunei Wafirah UK is located at the Saltley Business Park in Birmingham and serves as a sales and distribution platform to the UK and European markets.

The subsidiary is also responsible for the import of products to the EU markets from the Australasia countries, the manufacture of the food for Europe, and their export to the Middle East.

According to the brand’s website, Brunei Wafirah Holdings owns the Brunei Halal brand. Brunei’s Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources, along with the cooperation of the Ministry of Religious Affairs and the Ministry of Health, commissioned the company to manage the brand with a mission to help local small medium enterprises enter the global marketplace as well as pave the way for investment opportunities between the sultanate and overseas manufacturers.

Brunei Wafirah Holdings has been in operation since 2009 and is headquartered in Brunei.

“As the brand owner, Brunei Wafirah Holdings granted a license to Ghanim International Food Corporation, entrusting the use of the Brunei Halal brand trademark,” the website stated.

Ghanim International Food Corporation was established to develop the Brunei Halal brand across the global food market. It provides a comprehensive supply-chain management system for the export of food certified as being halal, through Brunei’s halal certification process, packaged and marketed under the Brunei Halal Brand.

In doing so, it ensures that it is implementing the highest standards in food safety management.

The Brunei Times

ARTICLE 2 – Borneo Bulletin

THE Brunei Halal brand launched 23 new products recently.

Some of the new products of Brunei Halal - AZIZ IDRIS

Some of the new products of Brunei Halal – AZIZ IDRIS

The new products include two-minute microwavable rice, cooking sauce and ready-made meal range called Dishes of India.

According to a press statement, customers will find the new products a “pleasant surprise as meals can be cooked up in almost no time.”

Chief Executive Officer of Brunei Wafirah Holdings, Feby Latip explained that the new ready-made meals and sauces are testament to Brunei Halal’s commitment to “being a, if not the main, Halal solutions provider to the world” and that “this is the direction that the Brunei Halal brand is headed.”

The Brunei Halal team also explained that the meals are essentially meant for the UK and European markets. They are also confident that they will be well-received in Brunei as well.

A press statement said that these products are available at major supermarkets in the country. This will add to the variety of Brunei Halal products that are already on the market such as cookies and sparkling juices.

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