Brunei: Canadian Halal Pharmaceutical Company opening factory

Halal Pharmaceutical Company In Brunei A `Great Idea’: Canadian High Commissioner

Bandar Seri Begawan – The setting up of a Halal pharmaceutical company from Vancouver, Canada, in Brunei Darussalam, is not only a great idea but also shows what the 21st century and globalisation can do.

This observation was made by the Canadian High Commissioner to Brunei Darussalam, Mr Wendell Sanford CD, during the commission’s annual New Year leave that was held at his residence in Jalan Bengkurong/Masin yesterday.

In a brief interview with the Bulletin, the Canadian High Commissioner said: “The man who started this business was born in Taiwan who moved to the United States where he got into the pharmaceutical business and he learned how it work from the ground up.

“(He then) decided he wanted to live in Canada … (and) so he moves to British Columbia. (After) he successfully established his company there, he now wants to move back to Asia with his business.”

“He is ethically Chinese, so what does he do? He knows that Asia has two great groups of people, the Islamic people and the Chinese people. So he came here to set up the Islamic aspect of his business … He is also setting up a facility in China to service the Chinese market.”

With the opening of the factory, Brunei will become the hub for Halal pharmaceutical exports in the region and this will also open up investment opportunities in the Sultanate, while at the same time promote and cater Halal pharmaceutical products to 1.9 billion Muslims globally.

At Vivapharm (Brunei), the pharmaceuticals will not only get ‘CGMP’ licences, as well as certifications from FDA, Health Canada, and NSF, but more importantly, the Brunei Halal Brand. By obtaining this certification, it will help Vivapharm (Brunei) products get into Muslim markets.

Viva Pharmaceutical Inc, Aureos Capital and a group of local investors have committed to invest in Vivapharm (Brunei).

The total investment requirement for Vivapharm (Brunei) will be in the range of B$26 million – out of which Viva Pharmaceutical Inc, Aureos and a group of local investors will commit almost B$15 million. The remaining funding will be from a local financial institution.

Meanwhile, the Canadian High Commissioner revealed that talks are currently underway with the Brunei Economic Development Board (BEDB) to set up a facility in Brunei by a Canadian company involved in high-technology security systems.

The idea is to set up a facility for research and development for the company’s products.

Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin

Written by Lyna Mohamad