Brunei Halal Brand Eyes Potential Investors

By  Danial Norjidi

Bandar Seri Begawan – The Brunei Halal Brand is visibly seen at the
booth of the Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources (MIPR) at the
6th China-Asean Expo (CAEXPO) in Nanning, Guangxi aiming attract
investments from foreign countries.

Abdul Latif Sani, Senior Livestock Husbandry Officer of the Brunei
Halal Development Division, Department of Agriculture, MIPR, said, “We
are looking for potential investors to be our partners in providing raw
materials. As you know, we are very short of raw materials, especially
ingredients, which China can provide us – like tomatoes, chilli – then
export them in bulk to Brunei where they can be processed for halal
standards at the Agro Technology Park in Tungku.

“Basically the objective is, as a Muslim nation, to provide halal
food to the Muslims worldwide. The second objective is that we are
tapping into the lucrative halal global market, which is believed to be
worth billions of US dollars. The third is that we want to take the
small and medium enterprises’ (SMEs) products to explore the global
halal market.

“We are also looking for partners in terms of providing finished
products and having commercial agreements with our newly established
joint venture company between the government and the Ireland-based
Kerry Group. They’re supplying finished products to be branded as
Brunei Halal products, and then this new joint venture company will
market this branded products to the world,” he said.

When asked how expo visitors have responded, he said, “As we
understand, Nanning’s Muslim community is a minority. However, some
Muslim associations have come here enquiring about how we go about the
halal industry, so I have explained to them how we certify our halal
food and how this initiative can be a platform of cooperation between
them and Brunei in the form of supplying raw materials, or making
products to be branded under Brunei Halal.”

Asked if any companies have signed on, he said, “Not yet, though
there are people enquiring how to do it. I have explained to one
association, a Muslim Chamber of Commerce, about the halal industry and
invited them to come to Brunei during our Halal Expo next year, where
they can experience themselves the halal industry, how we process the
certification, and to help build their confidence should they wish to
set up their own operation in Brunei.

“As you know, the halal market is huge, so everybody is moving
towards that market. China is the potential supplier of these raw
materials, but they lack the halal certification process. That’s where
Brunei can assist them and cooperate with them by certifying their
products halal, or they can join our Brunei Halal Brand initiative. The
halal industry is looking forward to working with China.”

Aside from the Brunei Halal Brand, Abdul Latif also spoke of the supporting project – the Agriculture Technology Park.

“We have room for potential investors, who are willing to invest and set up their operation in Brunei.

“We are also establishing a Halal Science Centre,” he said, adding,
“this is more of a technological area where we can cooperate with
countries, like China, where there are advancements in technology,
especially in the analysis sector, where we can work on methods of
analysing in laboratory areas.

“We are also trying to open a food development centre where food
incubators will be housed, which will help our SMEs to produce their
products and later venture into the foreign market.”– Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin