Brunei – Improving traceability of meat and poultry

DESPITE the encouraging growth in the food processing sector, only four
companies have currently acquired the HACCP certification while one is
scheduled to acquire the ISO 22000 certification in January 10,
according to the National Standards Centre (NSC) at the Ministry of
Industry and Primary Resources.

HACCP is one of the most
sought-after certifications by the food industry worldwide to reflect
their adaptation of the HACCP principles or system, thus their ability
to ensure safety and quality of their respective products by basically
adopting a procedure or standard that identifies hazards and prevent
contamination of food.

The National Standard Centre (NSC) at the
Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources revealed that six more
companies are awaiting their HACCP certification next year bringing the
total to 10 while BMC food industries is scheduled to reach its
milestone achievement when it acquires its ISO 22000 in January 10.

Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) is being recognised as the most
efficient way to ensure the safety of food products. It has been
applied to all stages of food production and various other industries,
including pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.