Brunei’s Brave New Agro Target

Bandar Seri Begawan – Brunei targets over $612 million in food
production by 2013 and $2.7 billion by 2023. This was highlighted in
the medium-term strategic plan book made available during the
agriculture and agri-food expo 2009 which commenced this week.

The emphasis is on paddy, livestock and agri-food including the development of the Brunei Halal brand.

This will be developed in tandem with other commodities such as
vegetables, fruits, floral and ornamental industries as well as various

The agricultural sector is developed to ascertain food security,
increase people’s income and be capable to assist government’s effort
in eradicating poverty.

The medium term strategic plan of Agriculture Department 2008-2013
is a strategic document which has become the guideline in achieving the
way forward for the department.

The strategic plan also outlines scope of activities of agricultural
and agri-food development that drives towards higher productivity,
value-added, produces quality and safe products, large scale, export
oriented and capable of competing in the domestic and global market.

The strategic mission is to enhance food security of the nation via
enhancing the capability in food commodity production. In this context,
the Agriculture Department has revised the rice production enhancement
and provides a comprehensive future plan programme to achieve a
self-sufficiency of 20% of rice production by 2010 and 60% by2015.

In its medium term strategic plan, the core factor taken into
account is the comparative advantage, competitiveness and job
opportunities for the people.

Production in 2008 stood at $225.44 million which means that in the
medium term, agriculture and agri-food industries should be upgraded up
to 171%. This means that livestock and crop processes which stood at
$52.53 million in 2008 would increase to $340 million by 2013 (547%).
The project relies on the Brunei Halal brand in the first phase, some
50 lots have been allocated for investment the agri-food sector at
agro-technology park, Tungku.

The Brunei Halal brand is targeted to achieve $233 million by 2013
with the chicken industry worth $113.7 million, poultry $82.94 million,
fruits $56.59 million and vegetables worth $48.80 million by 2013.

The development in crop sector stood at $413 million in 2008 to $115
million by 2013 or 178%. The main commodity in crop sector is paddy,
vegetables, fruits and floral and ornamental crop. The upgrading plan
of this sector is based on the increase in productivity in farms and
local fruit planting campaigns.

It also means that the livestock sector needs to increase up to 19%
where the production in 2008 was $131.6 million and expected to rise to
$157 million in 2013. The two-fold increase in poultry and chicken egg
for export market will produce some $200 million meaning it reaches
beyond the 2013 target.

Plans to enhance the environment to support the medium term plan
will take into account seven strategies to strengthen the environment
and support the agricultural and agri-food sectors. — Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin