Canada: Canadian Halal Food Festival

imgresTORONTO, March 13, 2013 /CNW/ – On June 1 and 2, 2013 Halal Food Festival Toronto, the first ever Canadian halal food festival, is coming to The International Centre located in the GTA, home to the largest concentration of Muslims in all of North America. More than just a food festival, it will focus on celebrating the diversity of one amazing metropolitan.

“As a Torontonian and Muslim, it’s a great feeling to be able to celebrate being both through a universally loved platform – food! With 250,000 Muslims living in the GTA, Halal Food Fest TO is really the voice of the community, a united one, and it’s long overdue,” says Faizal Kagdi, President of Halal Food Fest TO.

Halal Food Fest TO is a two-day food festival bringing together the best of Toronto’s halal restaurants, vendors, catering companies, brands and manufacturers from a variety of ethnicities. There will be live cooking demonstrations, performances, panel discussions and of course, food!

The Canadian halal food market is now worth over a billion dollars and continuing to grow – and it’s not just catered to the Muslim population. Many people are now buying halal food due to the excellent reputation for healthy and safe food, plus the humane treatment of animals.

With many halal restaurants and products popping up all over the GTA, it’s important to know what constitutes as halal and learn about the booming industry. The halal food sector continues to grow in Toronto, and our supporters, such as Redpath Sugar Ltd., Dairy Farmers of Canada and Norcan Kitchens and Design recognize this. “Our products have always been used by bakers and cooks from all backgrounds and cultures,” says Nancy Gavin, Brand Development Manager for Redpath Sugar Ltd. “We are very pleased to be participating in the first Halal Food Fest TO.” The first of its kind, Halal Food Fest TO is bound to be a success with an expected attendance of over 8000 visitors and the support of sponsors and vendors.

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