Canada: RIZ Global launches premium beef and lamb Halal products

As one of Canada’s top 500 fastest growing companies in 2018, Riz Global Foods is an innovator, national supplier and a leading exporter of premium Canadian halal food products to the retail and food service sectors.

Syed Ali, the founder and president states “ Our mission at Riz Global Foods is to be a provider of halal first-in-class, fully integrated, comprehensive supply chain management solutions to our customers, vendors and value chain partners in the retail and food services sectors around the world.”

At SIAL, Toronto May 2019: Left to right: Terry Ackerman, Syed Ali, Robert Serapiglia, Muhammed Shahid

Syed, with his team of industry specialists quickly identify gaps in the halal marketplace to provide premium, customized product solutions.  Hence the birth of what is known today as “The Halal Hub”, the world’s centralized, most comprehensive assortment of certified halal, fresh and frozen proteins, value added product, bakery, beverage and condiment products.

Riz Global Foods recently showcased the latest line of innovative products in April 2019 at the Grocery Showcase West in Vancouver, BC and in May 2019 at SIAL, Toronto featuring premium burgers, dinner and breakfast sausages, seasoned meat skewers and cooked meatballs in both beef and lamb.  Terry Ackerman of the LAM Brand line and Robert Serapiglia of the Pine Valley Beef line both feature meat from animals that are traditionally raised on small family farms, without the use of antibiotics or growth promotants and grain finished for consistent high-quality products.

Show participants were able to sample these premium products and were reveled at the superb quality, flavor and performance.  Please visit to learn more about the premium brands available and their unique attributes.