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Halal makes it into top ten good news stories of 2009

| 04/01/2010 | Reply
Halal makes it into top ten good news stories of 2009‘s Zahed Amanullah recently put up his top ten Good News stories for 2009. Interestingly, he sees 2009 as a ‘tipping point’ for Halal food with heightened exposure and demand, and as he points out, none of this increase is ideological. Its all down to good old market savvy. We also see many good things ahead for Halal in 2010.

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Eurabian Follies

| 04/01/2010 | Reply
Eurabian Follies

By 2050, Europe will be unrecognizable. Instead of romantic cafes,
Paris’s Boulevard Saint-Germain will be lined with halal butcheries and
hookah bars; the street signs in Berlin will be written in Turkish.
School-children from Oslo to Naples will read Quranic verses in class,
and women will be veiled.

At least, that’s what the authors of the strange new genre of
“Eurabia” literature want you to believe. Not all books of this
alarmist Europe-is-dying category, which received its most
intellectually hefty treatment yet with the recent release of
Christopher Caldwell’s Reflections on the Revolution in Europe,
offer such dire and colorful predictions. But they all make the case
that low fertility rates among natives, massive immigration from Muslim
countries, and the fateful encounter between an assertive Islamic
culture and a self-effacing European one will lead to a Europe devoid
of all Western identity.

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Reflections on the Dubai Financial Crisis

| 03/01/2010 | Reply
Reflections on the Dubai Financial Crisis

This is an interesting article that was submitted by one of our readers which we have decided to use to launch our new ‘Opinion’ category on Halal Focus. We hope that more of our readers send in their articles on Halal related issues, for our consideration. Though we put up articles on the news in Halal it is also good to get business and consumer feedback to keep current with all aspects of the current trends and movement in the Halal arena.

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Halal… inclusion or seclusion?

| 17/11/2009 | Reply
Halal… inclusion or seclusion?

Riding the wave of the expanding global halal market
industry – estimated to have reached a worth of US$ 580 billion in 2008
– communication arts company KasehDia will hold this November the first
World Halal Forum in Europe.  As location for the Forum, which is
themed ‘Halal Potential – A Regional Focus’, the organizers opted for
the Dutch city of The Hague.

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