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Globalising Halal Standards: Issues and Challenges

| 16/01/2008 | Reply
Globalising Halal Standards: Issues and Challenges

definitions of Halal, while generally agreed upon by Muslims, display
significant gaps when it comes to their application in the industry.
Due to differing Halal standards not only between countries but also
within each individual country (following the presence of various Halal
authorities), confusion, misunderstanding and even abuse in the Halal
audit and certification process have occurred. As a result, supply
chains have been broken whilst artificial shortages of raw material
have emerged as a result of disunity between Halal certification bodies.

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A Fatwa on Stunning

| 06/08/2007 | Reply
A Fatwa on Stunning

The question of stunning is coming under the spotlight again, (see the articles about the call to review Halal slaughter procedures in Australia). Here is a Fatwa from the Islamic Fiqh Council affiliated to the Muslim World League on the question as to whether it is permissible to eat meat from animals which have been stunned before slaughter.

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