China eager to attend Pakistan’s International Halal Food Conference

YINCHUAN (China): China
is ready to take part in the next month 2008 International
Conference on Halal Food and Agriculture products, provided
receiving invitation from the host country, said a senior
government official.

Talking on the side lines of the Ningxia (China) International
Muslim Halal Food Festival and Ningxia Investment and Trade
Fair that kicked off here on Wednesday, the Director Press,
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ningxia Liu Guo Qing said that
it will be a good opportunity for China to showcase their
kitchen items in Pakistan.

The International Conference on Halal Food and Agriculture
2008, as per report will be held in conjunction with 3rd Food,
Agri & Livestock Asia 2008 International Exhibition on October
19 & 20 at Karachi Expo Centre.

A local trader Sam Yu told media persons at the exhibition,
that Pakistan is a big market for Halal Food.

He said that he imports five containers of fish, shrimp and
other sea food items from Pakistan, while exports ten
containers of Halal Food to Karachi, every month.

He said that there is also big scope of Chinese Halal Food in
other big cities like Lahore and Islamabad but being the port
city, he is concentrating his business only to Karachi.

He said that besides, Pakistan, he also exports his products
to Qatar, Dubai, Jordan , Saudi Arabia and many other
countries around the world.

Meanwhile, the Governor of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Wang
Zhengwei this morning inaugurated the Halal Food and Muslim
Commodities exhibition.

The ceremony was largely attended by ambassadors, diplomats,
delegates from foreign countries and traders.

In his address, he said that holding of the exhibition is part
of the 50th Anniversary of the founding of Ningxia Hui
Autonomous Region.

He said that Ningxia has a population of 6.1 million out of
which 2.3 million or 36 percent are Hui (Muslim)

Wang said that Ningxia, with more opening attitude, welcomes
warmly the friends all over the world to invest, to do
business and to push forward the development of Ningxia.