China: Mellow Hope (HTDS) Reaches a Milestone in Indonesia

(Marketwire) — 03/08/11 — Hard to Treat Diseases, Inc. ( announced that its China-based subsidiary Shenzhen Mellow Hope has been inspected by the Indonesian Muslim Association and been issued a HALAL certificate.

The Indonesian Muslim Association inspected the Mellow Hope plant that produces the ACYW135 and A+C Meningococcal Polysaccharide vaccines. Mellow Hope plant and method of production of these vaccines met the HALAL certificate (Halal Assurance System) requirements. The Indonesian Muslim Association is well-known and regarded as [one of] the most authoritative Muslim organization in the world. The HALAL is a difficult certificate to receive, and Mellow Hope believes that there are only two companies in the world that have obtained this certificate.

With the HALAL certificate in hand, Mellow Hope believes that it will have advantage in marketing its MEVAC-ACYW and A+C in Indonesia and other Muslim countries. Mellow Hope is participating in tenders of Group ACYW135 in Indonesia and Bangladesh, and believes that the ability to acquire HALAL certificate will be a great help in securing the tenders.