China’s Halal food makes headway in Brunei

BY Rahmat bin Haji Abdul Rahman

THE Haoyue Halal Meat Company is one of the meat suppliers in the
Sultanate. It will begin its planning beginning 2010 when the 11th of a
five year-plan ends.

The company’s achievements include the mass slaughtering of a million
cattle, two million lambs, the processing of 300,000 tonnes of canned
food and the production of a million tonnes of food, to name a few.

Through this successful milestone, the company is now one of the
most popular livestock industries in the world. The suitability of the
cattle industry in China is also expected to improve to compete in the
world market.

A Muslim-Chinese businessman by the name Chong Lianbio, owns the
Haoyue Halal Meat Company. The Hoayue Group project began in 1998.

A decade ago, the Hoayue Group was established with the policy
support known as “Vitalisation of the Traditional Industrial Base of
the Northeast, People’s Republic of China”.

The construction of the Haoyue Group factories began in August 1998, whilst the production began in January 2000.

About six hundred workers are employed in the slaughtering
processing plant and the slicing of halal meat where 31 per cent are

The demand for the halal meat in the Sultanate is about five hundred
tonnes per annum. The development of businesses and trading between
Brunei Darussalam and Haoyue Group will see an increase in export of
more halal meat to Brunei in due course.

The company employs about five thousand workers altogether. They
work about eight hours per day. Many workers of the Haoyue Group are
from the Jilin Province and most of them hail from other parts of the
world working closely with the Haoyue Halal Meat Company.

“At the moment, the Haoyue Halal Meat Company only exports ‘halal’
meat. We are planning to export and supply halal beef to marts and
department stores in the form of plastic packaging after receiving
permission from the authorities for the purpose of export,” said the
Marketing Director.

As there were already some bilateral discussions between Mulaut
Abattoir Sdn Bhd, they will be sending a chef to learn about the corned
beef preparation.

The Haoyue Halal Meat Company always strives to contribute its best
effort towards supplying halal beef, which conforms to the safety rules
in all Muslim countries.