China: Trouble in some Muslim countries not to affect investment flow in Ningxia

BEJING, JULY 6 (APP): Announcing the schedule of Second China-Arab States Economic and Trade Forum, the Governor of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region said here Wednesday that the recent trouble in some Muslim countries would not affect investment flow in Ningxia.
“We have very successfully held the first China-Arab States Economic and Trade Forum last year”, he said while replying to a question in a press conference in which Governor Wang Zhengwei announced the second edition of the Forum and the 2011 China (Ningxia) International Investment and Trade Fair to be held simultaneously in the regional capital city of Yinchuan from September 21.
An official from the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCIPT) Zheng Wei said that CCIPT has very sound cooperative relations with over thirty business chambers with Muslim countries. Approved by the Chinese State Council, the event is jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce, CCPIT and Ningxia Hu Autonomous Region.

The Governor said that a strategy had been chalked out in 2008 to develop economic zone along the Yellow River, popularly known as mother of China. Governor Wang said that it is expected that by 2015, the population to rise 4.1 million heads and from rural to urban areas to touch around 70 percent. In the same way there is a forecast of 4 million of urban population in 2020.

The Governor pointed out that the top leadership including Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao during their visits to the Ningxia also supported the development of Economic Zone along the Yellow river.

The China(Ningxia) International Investment and Trade Fair to be held from September 21-25 (five days), the Second China Arab States Economic and Trade Forum to be held from September 21-23 (three days), while the China-Arab States Cultural and Art Festive to be held from September 21-25 (five days).

The China Arab States Investment and Trade Fair consists of China International Halal Food and Muslim Products Exhibition, China-Arab States Energy and Chemical Products Exhibition, China-Arab States Theme Exhibition, as well as investment and business workshops.