Cosmetics and Skincare Brand Obtains Crucial Halal Endorsement

First Japan-Produced Cosmetics and Skincare Products to Earn This Distinction


March 2 /PRNewswire/ — Force 10 Inc. is pleased to announce that “kawaii

TOKYO (R),” its unique cosmetics and skincare brand now available in

Singapore, has become the first-ever line of

Japan-produced skincare products to earn certification under the “halal” standards of Islamic law.


TOKYO (R) products are planned and developed by Force 10 in

with current marketing efforts handled by kawaii TOKYO Pte. Ltd., the
company’s wholly owned local subsidiary, at over 80 department store
and cosmetics specialty shop sales counters across


The hit product lineup of kawaii

TOKYO (R), which made a dazzling debut in

Singapore in

April 2007,
has grown to 12 outstanding skincare products known collectively as the
“BRIGHTEN-UP Series.” With all items in the series now having received
certification under the halal standards (tenets designating actions or
objects permissible under Islamic law and custom), plans now call for
sales of the line to be launched in

Malaysia from next month.

Based on this advance to

Malaysia, which is expected to be a critical inroad for the kawaii

(R) brand, the future goal is to marshal even greater efforts and
resources into a vigorous program of sales development that will
address the individual conditions and needs of the cosmetics and
skincare markets in other Islamic nations as well.