Croatia: Hotel Westin-received Halal certificate

Halal certification ceremony was held at the Westin Hotel on Thursday, the 8th November 2012 in the hotel premises. Halal certificate was presented to hotel management and appointed internal auditors by the Head of the Centre Mr. Aldin Dugonji? and Nermin Botonji?, deputy of mufti.

On behalf of the hotel the certificate was received by Mr. Gunnar Sanne, director of the Hotel and on that occasion Mr. Gunnar thanked to Centre employees and he congratulated hotel employees for dedicated work and diligence in the implementation of halal quality in a short period of time.

Guests were also addressed by the Centers President of the Board of Directors and in his addressing expressed satisfaction with the successful cooperation emphasizing the growing importance of halal in Croatia.

Halal certification is a testament to the hotel of meeting the high demands of halal quality in terms of service accommodation and food supply.

Hotel Westin is the sixth restaurant that carries halal certification in the Republic of Croatia. Hotel is known for excellent service typical of a five star hotel and the Halal certification is yet another confirmation of the same.

According to Mr. Dugonji? Halal tourism is a new form of tourism, which is becoming increasingly popular in the world. With this certificate Westin has taken another step forward by wanting to gain the trust and satisfaction of consumers who know and understand what is halal quality.

In a year that has been declared the year of elite halal tourism hotel Art decided to enrich its content and offerings by introducing halal quality. After the signing of the Agreement with the Centre for Halal Quality Certification, followed by five months of education and training of staff, finally on the 1st June 2012 the Ph.D. Aziz Hasanovi?, director of the center handed over the certificate.

The intention of the Hotel Art is to attract and accommodate those who want to make sure when they eat not to ask how it has been prepared. In the world there are already a number of organizations halal consumers whose members are also many non-Muslims, which of course only corroborates the fact that it is a style of healthy and natural living, and that halal is not only a religious category.

The owners and hotel management congratulate its employees to deservedly acquired personal certificates, and all interested parties are invited to come and taste the food prepared according to halal standards.