Denmark: BHJ Launches World’s First Functional Chicken Protein

DENMARK – Danish-based global protein manufacturer, BHJ Ingredients, is introducing the world’s first functional chicken protein.

SCANPRO FCP 75/SF will be particularly appealing to global poultry and chicken meat processors looking to add value and save on recipe costs without compromise on quality, flavour or meat content, according to BHJ.

The company says it offers outstanding technical benefits such as improved texture, firmness and succulence with an excellent protein to water binding ratio 1-8.

Allergen free, SCANPRO FCP 75/SF can also improve slicing yields and reduce purge in pack for manufacturers of reformed, injected, ground and emulsified chicken products.

imagesThe company says it is ideal for use in a wide range of chicken applications including cold meats, marinated chicken, nuggets, burgers and meat balls.

BHJ’s SCANPRO FCP 75/SF is halal-approved and available to all specialist meat processors and manufacturers sourcing halal ingredients for chicken-based products.

SCANPRO FCP 75/SF is a major development for the global poultry meat processing industry.

“Following world-wide demand for a functional chicken protein, we are confident there is a real appetite for our latest product innovation. This is why we are expecting to receive a tremendous response at IFFA exhibition,” BHJ said.

“Our strong team of sales and technical experts will be on hand throughout the exhibition to show customers how they can improve their products and thereby strengthen their business.