Diplomatic Council Issues ‘100% Halal’ Certificates

DSC09561-1030x772The Halal Certification Institute (HCI) of the Diplomatic Council (DC) has officially issued its first halal certificates. It is overseen by a circle of Muslim ambassadors in order to guarantee an internationally consistent halal certification process. Therefore, the certificate “DC 100 % Halal – Halal Food According to the Sharia” is valid worldwide. The Global Halal Forum of the Diplomatic Council includes ambassadors from the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Federal Republic of Nigeria and is constantly monitoring the strict adherence to the halal guidelines.

Issued under constant supervision by Muslim ambassadors, the DC certificate ‘100 % Halal’ is among the most strict halal certificates in the entire world. In order to gain such a certificate, food producers need to provably comply with more than 100 predefined criteria. In addition to the extensive monitoring of all criteria, the HCI sends approved halal experts to the factories to personally examine the strict adherence to all necessary guidelines.
“The Muslim community has been demanding an internationally consistent and comprehensive halal certification for years. A group of Islamic ambassadors has come together with the Global Halal Forum in order to finally achieve this. Additionally, the most recent meat scandals have lead millions of non-Muslims to ask questions about the purity of their food products”, explains the Diplomatic Council. “Due to their beliefs, Muslims of course have always been eating halal, Nowadays millions of consumers with no religious background begin to see the merits of halal products as well”, says the DC. The Arabic term “halal” can be translated as “allowed” and describes all things and actions that are permitted by Islamic law. Since this also includes dietary rules, halal products are among the purest food products in existence.
The Diplomatic Council is a global think tank with the main aim to contribute the power of diplomacy to international understanding and peace. It follows the principles of the charter of the United Nations Organization. As members the Diplomatic Council (DC) welcomes not solely associates of the diplomatic or consular corps but also personalities of the economic and cultural life, sports, politics and religion.
Under guidance of the Muslim ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, His Excellency Enayatullah Nabiel, and the Muslim ambassador of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Her Excellency Dr. Nimota Nihinlola Akanbi, the Global Halal Forum of the DC has established a central certification institute for a global halal certification: The DC Halal Certification.