DKNY Launches First Ever Ramadan Fashion Line

By Lakshmi Gandhi

With its eye on the one billion strong Muslim consumer market, the fashion label DKNY has just unveiled its first Ramadan-themed collection.

Featuring high necklines and low hemlines, the new line — which includes maxi dresses, long-sleeved blouses, and pants — is considered fashionable yet culturally appropriate for many Muslim women. The Pakistani commentator Bina Shah described the outfits as “effortlessly chic, fresh, and elegant, and inspirational for Muslim women looking for ways to be glam and modest at the same time.’

Two prominent members of the Middle Eastern fashion community — Dubai-based designer Tamara Al Gabbani and Styles magazine fashion editor Yalda Golsharifi, who is Kuwaiti — were responsible for styling the collection and are also featured in DKNY’s lookbook.

The release of the new summer line also coincides with the launch of the label’s new Middle East centered website.

DKNY isn’t the only Western brand that is courting wealthy Muslim shoppers. The Associated Press noted last month that more and more luxury brands in London are preparing for the “Ramadan Rush” in which Middle Eastern shoppers descend on the city to buy luxury goods both before the Islamic holy month and during Eid, the festival that ends the holiday.

Alas, American fashion fans interested in purchasing the Ramadan-inspired pieces will have to travel a ways to do so: the collection is only available in the Middle East.

DKNY fashions for Ramadan (The photos were shot by Saeed Al Khalifa.)

DKNY fashions for Ramadan DKNY