Draft standard for Halal Cosmetics to be released next year

International regulation of the Halal industry, with the implementation
of a global standard that includes cosmetics and toiletries, could soon
become a reality as the final batch of draft standards are expected to
be available for public comment by June 2010.

standard, which comprises 10 modules, five of which have already been
made available for public comment, is being developed by Malaysia-based
non-profit organization, the International Halal Integrity Alliance (IHI Alliance).

For the Cosmetics
and Toiletries module, the IHI Alliance is working closely with the
Cosmetic Toiletries and Fragrance Association (CTFA) of Malaysia.

A fragmented industry

Although a number of regional standards
exist, against which cosmetics and toiletries products have been
certified, there is currently no global standard. According to Darhim
D. Hashim, CEO of the IHI Alliance, there is a real need for harmony
within this fragmented industry.

“Without a global standard at least as a benchmark for referencing,
there is little chance of mutual recognition and universal
acceptability of a Halal certification mark,”
he told CosmeticsDesign.

Such a standard would not only increase consumer confidence by ensuring
the integrity of Halal products, but could also help manufacturers of
cosmetic and personal care products tap into the Muslim market.

Universal acceptance

“We strive to achieve the mantra of ‘once certified, accepted everywhere’” said Hashim. “This
is good for producers who know they need to follow one set of rules to
suit the general market of Halal consumers. For the consumer, they buy
with confidence that a set of rules and requirements have been
consistently applied”
he added.