Dubai is the “perfect springboard” for Islamic Fashion’s New Look

PR_2015_01_12A fun look at how iFash works for you! Islamic Fashion and Design Council Chairwoman, Alia Khan, will discuss why Islamic Fashion is outpacing its competition on a global scale and how you fit in.

Dubai, 12 January 2015: A new and fresh take on Islamic fashion is sweeping the globe and on 20 January 2015, Islamic Fashion and Design Council (IFDC), in conjunction with the Dubai Shopping Festival’s Abbati event, will take a closer look at Islamic fashion and what it means to you!

“We are seeing so many creative changes in the world of Islamic Fashion, or ‘iFash’ as we like to call it. And Dubai is the perfect springboard for this new look!” said Alia Khan, the Founder and Chairwoman of IFDC. Khan is the key speaker of a presentation on the rage behind iFash and what the ‘new look’ in Islamic fashion can mean to you.

According to a recent survey the results of which will be released by Dubai Government and IFDC within the next few months a slowdown in the global fashion market has been forecast for the next three years or so. However, the demand for Islamic fashion products is currently outpacing the global mainstream fashion demand.

“There’s a fashion psychology here unlike any other! Everybody, from designers and consumers to buyers, want to know what factors influence Islamic fashion and design today and where developments in this industry will lead. We’ve got our finger on the pulse of all this.” said Khan.

“When a young population’s fashion spend is driven by values – in this case, the global Muslim population, where 62% are under 30 – we like to take a look at who they are, or rather what part of who they are they want represented by their clothing. This group has single handedly made changes to an otherwise traditional iFash wardrobe which is increasingly fresh, colourful, graceful and appealing to millions.

Khan’s presentation promises to help you to look at yourself in a new way. We’ll meet the Mipsters, the Muslim hipsters who are taking iFash from meek to magnificent, as well as hot, funky fabrics, such as pleather, being used for hijabs and turbans and so much more.

Over the past few months, Khan has addressed such developments in discussions on a number of platforms around the world, like World Islamic Economic Forum, the Islamic Economic forum in Italy, and the Bosphorus Summit in Turkey, all of which responded positively to Khan’s insight to the deeper meaning and immense value of this industry. Dubai is the next destination to host an iFash development, with the IFDC presentation taking place on 20 January at 11:00 at the Armani Hotel (Burj Khalifa). The event will be part of DSF’s Abbati event, which showcases abaya designers and Islamic wear.

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