EU: Halal Masterclass in Buersgebouw Eindhoven, The Netherlands


Just a reminder…!

The HalalFocus Masterclass

“Strategic Planning for the Halal Market Economy”

Eindhoven, The Netherlands

17 April 2013


This event is NOT your average Halal conference.

It will not be opened by a Senior Minister, there will be no long keynote speeches by political figures, no awards and no gala dinner, and there will not be hundreds of people in the audience. There will not be endless powerpoint presentations or MOU signings. Nothing will get launched.

This is a working event for people who have to make informed decisions about engaging with the Halal market place.

This is an opportunity to spend a day with three Halal sector specialists with proven international track-records who have gained a deep insight and a breadth of knowledge about the in’s and out’s of the Halal marketplace; who have seen the risks and opportunities up close; who have seen the successes and failures of various Halal sector initiatives on all continents over the past decade; who have a good grasp of how the Halal market will develop over the next few years.

If you are a decision-maker – for your country, your corporation or your own start-up – and if you prefer useful content to a Grand Event…

If you want an opportunity to actually get real answers to your questions, a chance to get involved and really speak to the presenters instead of just listening…

If you want to come away with a deeper undrestanding of one of the most interesting market opportunities in the world…

Then come to Buersgebouw Eindhoven on 17 April.

Spend a day with Abdalhamid Evans, Koen Dr Praetere and Saber Khan

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