EU: Horse and pork doner kebabs – not very Halal



After frozen Findus lasagne, Nestle ravioli, IKEA Swedish meatballs, now its the popular ‘doner kebabs’ — the (supposedly) lamb sandwich  — that has turned up signs of horsemeat across Europe, reports Le Monde.

But the twist in this case is that traces of pork were found as well, in a product that is popular among Muslims and often advertised as being in compliance with Islamic dietary laws (Halal).

In Switzerland, 20 different meats were analysed around the country, with several turning up horsemeat, and seven containing a small quantity of pork. The Swiss Central Islamic Council (CCIS) declared that it was shocked by the results of the analysis.

Tests in Germany, showed that 7% of the döner samples tested contains pork.

Turning around a vertical spindle, Döner Kebab is a takeaway food invented in Germany in 1971. According to the Turkish newspaper Milliyet, Germany produces 400 tons of döner per day. Most of it is exported to Italy, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and the Baltic countries.