EU: “One Halal – One Certification” – We create values on ANUGA 2013

M90460492_mThe 2nd European Halal Conference will be held in Cologne in October within the frame of ANUGA 2013, the world’s leading fair for the retail trade and the food service and catering market. This conference was initiated in a cooperation between the ANUGA fair and the German-Turkish Food Forum DTFOOD.

The goal of the conference is to bring the different players of the food industry and food trade sector together. Moreover, representatives of the different denominations and scientific experts in halal food in France and Germany will participate in the conference.

The focus of the conference is on output-driven development of marketing and distribution strategies (in contrast to previous halal food events which consisted of panel discussions and presentations).

The 1st European Halal Congress 2010 already indicated the great interest of the European and German agricultural and food industry in halal business which is getting more and more important for the particular sectors.

A standard certification for the transparency and industrialization of halal- products which is already overdue is required to meet the needs for food safety and quality of more than 4 million Muslims in Germany and more than 50 Million Muslims in Europe. The Halal Market is unclear and the currently applied standards are inconsistent. There is still a lot to be done. The consumers are being confused instead of being protected. The recent incidents such as the horsemeat scandal or the organic egg fraud show how important it is to establish initially sustainable and efficient controls of certified food.

Halal Products are becoming more important not only because of the aspects of consumer protection but also due to the increasing economic significance worldwide. Muslim consumers In Germany spend 5 billion Euros on food every year.

The 2nd European Halal-Conference will be held in order to raise awareness for HALAL not only among Muslim consumers but also among Non-Muslims and the industries as a profitable market niche.

The key aspects are
Halal – a sign for quality in Europe
Why is a high level of transparency required?
Consumer information and protection
Development of the marketing network „WHSN – World Halal Sales Network“

The participants are from Germany and France. The TSE (Turkish Standard Institution) as a guest of honor will contribute with its experiences and activities in Europe to the conference.

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