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EU: Saudi group Almunajem mulls Doux investment in France

| 21/09/2013 | 1 Reply
By Dean Best

groupe-douxSaudi food distributor Almunajem is considering taking a stake in French poultry processor Doux, which is looking to exit administration within two months.

Almunajem, which distributes Doux’s products in Saudi Arabia, is weighing up a 25% holding in the company, the French firm has revealed.

The Saudi distributor would join a share roster that looks set to feature French investment fund Développement & Partenariat as the majoirty shareholder in Doux.

The poultry group announced the possible investment from its Saudi customer as it outlined hopes it can exit administration in mid-November after more than a year.

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  1. rahma says:

    As-salamu aleykoum

    As a French Muslim ,it is my duty to warn you. Doux is well-known among the French Muslim community for selling chicken presented as halal when in fact, the slaughtering of those chicken does not respect the halal rules and prescriptions.

    For more information, please check out the following links:

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