Executive Director of ICRIC visits New Zealand

Wednesday, January 13, 2010 – 04:17 AM


New Zealand is one of the most important producers of meat and dairy
productions to the different parts of the world among them Islamic
countries. For this reason this country is a familiar name for the
Muslims. This trade interaction has been caused that since 3 past
decades, most of slaughter house engaged slaughtering according to
Islamic laws regulations. For the permanent assessment of this processes
and also dairy productions according to Halal World Standards and the
necessity of unification of halal brands certifying bodies which are
active in this country, travelling to New Zealand and discussing with
authorities and industrial actives was planed and came in to

Dr. Fakhari, Executive manager of ICRIC has travelled to New Zealand and
he had the meetings with the Manager of NZFSA ( New Zealand Food Safety
Authority ) and economic authorities of New Zealand Foreign Affairs
Ministry. He has been succeeded to explain them about the importance and
the observance of Halalworld standard. He added that this standard was
approved recently by Islamic countries and ICRIC is designed of
pursuiting of implementing Halalworld certification in different
countries. This subject was welcomed by them not only from the structure
of hygiene controls but also from the trade development and they
demanded expanding relation with ICRIC.

Separate visits have done in Wellington and Auckland (political and
commercial capital of New Zealand), Chamber of Commerce of Auckland,
Responsible of Meat Industry Association (MIA) and Fish Industry Council
of New Zealand, New Zealand and Middle East Trade Council,
representative of investors group of New Zealand (who are interested in
investment in Halal projects in Islamic countries). After each meeting
they declared their interests to be present in Halal market by ICRIC’s
consulting of its experts. It was agreed that Al-Rasoul Company (ICRICs’
Halal delegation in Oceanic Area) to be the liaison between two parts.
Al-Rasoul Company is a non-governmental non-profit organization in New
Zealand, as ICRIC’s representative in Halal issues that, present
consultation services to industrial organizations and enterprises in the

A visiting was done of the well equipped and industrial abattoir, Green
Lee, in the industrial city of Hamilton (120 KM from Auckland) that
slaughters animals by Islamic religious laws. In this meeting, they
assigned that proposed changes for completion of Halal process will be
presented to them. It is clear that ICRIC took an effective step with
this journey towards the Halal development in Oceanic Region.