Forum to shape future of western Halal markets

WHF Europe will shape the future of western Halal markets

Senior Halal industry stakeholders and key decision-makers are gathering in London in November to chart the future development of the Halal food market in the UK and Europe. The World Halal Forum Europe is taking place at the Earls Court Conference Centre on 10-11 November 2010, with the theme ‘Halal Products and Services – Going Mainstream’.

The lucrative and still undeveloped Halal markets in the western world are at a pivotal point of expansion, and are ready for the next phase of development and soft infrastructure. “Recent media coverage has highlighted the extent of Halal food in the mainstream supply chains of both retailers and food service companies. This brings up labeling and consumer confidence issues that really have to be addressed” said Abdalhamid Evans, WHF Europe Project Director.

There are still significant obstacles and inefficiencies that are hindering this market growth, and these are issues that will come under intense discussion and debate at the forthcoming WHF Europe. Over the two days, sessions will cover topics such as:

  • Certification and consumer protection
  • New European legislation on labelling for Halal and Kosher meat products
  • Challenges from genetic modification and cloning
  • Developing the cosmetics and pharmaceutical sectors
  • Investment potential in the Halal sector
  • The rise of Halal-friendly travel
  • Legal implications of religious descriptions on product labels
  • Key issues for Halal products manufacturers
  • The emergence of national Halal accreditation bodies in the global market
  • Developing a Halal Accreditation agency for the UK
  • Rising consumer power in the Halal sector
  • Reaching consumers through digital media

Confirmed speakers and panellists include senior representatives from the following companies and organisations:

The resolutions emerging from the World Halal Forum Europe are likely to have a significant impact on the future development of key western Halal markets. If your company is interested in accessing the Halal markets in Europe and the western world, the WHF Europe is not to be missed.

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